Steinbach Wooden Smokers


While burning incense dates back thousands of years, it was not until the Steinbach family began creating their handmade wooden smokers in the late 1600s that there was a vessel specifically handcrafted for this purpose. The original Steinbach wooden smokers were a one-piece design that had a tray next to it to place a piece of incense to ignite and fill the room with scented smoke.

It was not until the late 1700s that the incense cones we are familiar with today were developed. Soon after, Steinbach German smokers were crafted in two pieces instead of one, which allowed the incense cone to be put inside and ignited. Steinbach then began to make wooden smokers with strategically placed vents that would make them almost come to life as the incense smoke wafted out of the smoker and into the room.

Today, Steinbach wooden smokers are still handcrafted in Germany with the same attention to detail and high-quality wood that was used to create the first ones hundreds of years ago. German smokers by Steinbach are available in a large variety of subjects from traditional German characters to modern holiday and storybook characters with a bit of everything in between. Steinbach wooden smokers range from 10 inches to approximately 13 inches tall and will certainly be a conversation piece. Steinbach wooden incense smokers can be grouped into three basic categories, traditional, themed and the ever-popular holiday Steinbach wooden smokers, some even play music.

Traditional Steinbach Wooden Smokers

Traditional Steinbach wooden smokers pay tribute to the workers and craftspeople you may have encountered in Germany from many years ago and in some small towns could meet today. From shepherds to foresters and cobblers to rabbit ranchers, Steinbach has created a large collection of ornately detailed precision-quality wooden smokers that recognize the hard-working people of Germany. These beautiful creations will fill your home with a unique charm as well as beautiful scents during the holiday season and year round.

Themed Steinbach Wooden Smokers

Themed Steinbach wooden smokers are available in a variety of themed collections. The Professionals series includes a doctor, a barrister, and a fireman, just to name a few. You can also collect Steinbach German smokers that tell a story, such as Geppetto with Pinocchio, A Christmas Carol, and The Nutrcraker Suite. Each one holds an incense cone and has an exit for the beautiful smelling smoke as their mouth, or for those Steinbach wooden Nutcrackers smoking a pipe, they come to life as the beautiful scents of the holiday are emitted from their pipe.  

Holiday Steinbach Wooden Smokers

In Germany, the Christmas holiday season lasts 12 days as the famous holiday song goes. On the last day, it is traditional to burn incense to celebrate the end of the holiday. Steinbach’s collection of holiday smokers includes Santas of all designs, Gingerbread bakers, and even Oktoberfest characters. There are even Steinbach wooden Nutcrackers that play beautiful music to go with the beautiful scents they emit. The Steinbach Musical Sugar Plum Smoker plays the “Nutcracker Suite March” while it fills your home with the sweet smells of the holiday.

Steinbach wooden smokers are functional collectibles that will have you in awe of their ornate details and designs while they fill any room of your home with a variety of scents. Steinbach has also make them a bit whimsical by creating vents for the smoker that make some of them nearly come alive. These wonderful handcrafted wooden collectible smokers from Germany are a great addition to any Steinbach collection and a charming way to spread beautiful smells throughout your home any time of the year.