Steinbach Chubby Nutcrackers

The legacy of the Steinbach family dates back more than 700 years and they have been revered for creating some of the most prolific examples of architecture prior to creating wooden collectibles. Because of unrest in Europe in the 1300s, the Steinbach family was forced to use their architecture and woodworking skills to a different use and began creating hand carved, hand painted Nutcrackers, a tradition that still carries on today and is sure to carry on for many generations to come. 

Steinbach Chubby Nutcrackers were originally called “Juniors” when they were introduced in 1992 to 1994, but somehow the Chubby distinction stuck and that is what they have been called since 1995. They are an average of 10.5 inches in height, which puts them somewhere between the Troll and Standard size Nutcrackers. Chubby series Nutcrackers also come in a variety of subjects just like all Steinbach collectible wooden Nutcrackers. While there are a large variety of Chubby wooden Nutcrackers to choose from, they can put into three general categories: traditional, themed and holiday.

Traditional Steinbach Chubby Wooden Nutcrackers

When one hears the name Nutcracker, it is usually associated with the soldiers and Nutcracker doll featured in The Nutcracker Suite ballet. While there are a complete series of Nutcracker Chubby characters that pay tribute to the famous ballet, there are other subjects considered traditional Steinbach Chubby wooden Nutcrackers as well. These include those that pay homage to the German heritage of the Steinbach family with wooden Chubby Nutcrackers for Oktoberfest, a Bavarian Chubby Nutcracker, and even a wine maker Nutcracker. No matter what you consider traditional there is probably the perfect Chubby wooden Nutcracker to fit into your collection.

Themed Steinbach Chubby Wooden Nutcrackers

Steinbach Chubby collectible wooden Nutcrackers are also available in a number of themed series pieces. From storybook characters to the Wizard of Oz, Steinbach has a variety of Nutcracker Chubby collectibles for nearly any type of collector. Each Chubby Nutcracker is hand carved from the same family of trees that were used to make the first Nutcrackers hundreds of years ago. While the subjects of the Chubby Nutcrackers and the series itself may be considered new, each Chubby Nutcracker is made to be a showpiece for anyone that has one.

Holiday Steinbach Chubby Wooden Nutcrackers

While the Nutcracker is typically associated with the holidays, Steinbach has a large assortment of holiday Chubby wooden Nutcrackers in a variety of holiday themes. While Oktoberfest Chubby Nutcrackers can be considered traditional, for those with a German heritage, a Chubby Oktoberfest wooden Nutcracker can be considered a holiday favorite. From the Three Wisemen to Santa himself, Steinbach has Chubby collectible wooden Nutcrackers to help you celebrate any holiday and create a beautiful display to be enjoyed year round.

Steinbach Chubby Nutcrackers are made with the same quality wood and attention to detail that has been given them for hundreds of years. While machines make many lesser Nutcrackers, each Steinbach Nutcracker is hand carved and hand painted just as the first Nutcracker was. Part of what makes them so collectible is the fact that no two are the same. Steinbach Chubby Nutcrackers are more than just wooden carvings, they are works of art meant to be displayed any time of the year and handed down from generation to generation.